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Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh is usually considered a welcoming paradise for all the historians, archaeologists, architectural enthusiast, and sometimes for the everyday traveler. From centuries-old monuments to highly revered shrines, many come to witness the creative bliss of this place every day. It may be tough to cover this city in one day because there are so many places to explore and activities to do in Bhopal but still, some come here for one day recreational journey.

With our 1-day Bhopal sightseeing tour packages, visit all the historical places of Bhopal and enjoy different kinds of everyday activities here.

Bhopal City Sightseeing Tour Package Itinerary

Tour Name: Bhopal City Sightseeing Tour Package
Tour Duration: 01 Days
Destination Covered: Bhopal
Tour Price: On Request/- Enquire Now

Day 01 –

Bhopal City Sightseeing Tour PackageOur representative will inform you about the place of meet and the schedules time for your journey. So, it is necessary that you do meet the timeline and gather at the venue on time. And, you will cover some of the famous places of Bhopal during this tour and hope you tick off every place from your own itinerary.


Taj-Ul-Masjid is one of the biggest mosques where Muslims devotees come from every corner of India and world too. Covering the huge area, the mosque dominates the creativity with its unique architectural style that would surely tell you terms of how royalty used to subject their reign to the general public. Two huge pillars concluding into a dome structure will leave to appreciate the Mughal architectural style and only you could imagine how many people can accommodate at once to offer their prayers to the supreme deity.

Shah Jahan Begum started the construction of this mosque during her reign and her daughter concluded the construction.

Gauhar Mahal

Gauhar Mahal is hardly few kilometers away from Taj-Ul-Masjid so, during this ride you can enjoy the daily chores of the local. In early days, Begum Gauhar used to stay in this palace and famously, soak herself to the sight of Upper Lake as it is located on the banks of Upper Lake. Although, the palace is covered in ruins and not being preserved with the right attitude but, it will be great ride to visit a famous place of the early days.

Kamla Park

Kamla Park is yet another beautiful monumental piece where once a Hindu Queen used to reign but now, the palace is mostly left in ruins. The palace is for all those photographers who wish to capture some historical ruins bringing an appealing kind of curiosity to their pictures. The park favors a very majestic view of the Upper Lake and you can just sit around on one of the palace’s window and can enjoy the serenity of this place.

Lower Lake

About 2.9 km ahead of Kamla Park, you will stop at your second place of interest – Lower Lake. This place is much revered by the people of Bhopal and many comes to offer their worship to the supreme divine during the festival times. The lake outlines a very majestic view for its spectator’s interest and one can easily find himself falling towards the beauty of nature. Here, you can enjoy those calm leisure walks and can also engage in various sports activities like boating, canoeing, etc.

Birla Mandir

Now, the next stop will be Birla Mandir which is a most revered Hindu pilgrimage in Bhopal that welcomes the highest amount of crowd as any other tourist place in Bhopal. Many people believe that an excursion to Bhopal can never be signed as finished if you don’t visit the very famous Birla Temple or ‘Lakshmi Narayan Temple’. Apart from its beautiful Hindu architectural style, Goddess Vishnu and his divine consort are worshipped in this temple.

Upper Lake

Finally, you will move to your last stopover ‘Upper Lake’ and it would be sunset when you will arrive at this place. So, you will witness the magic of nature here because the lake follows an endless sight of only water and no land and when the beautiful sun drops down to this lake, the view itself concludes to a very majestic appearance. Here, you can enjoy a tranquil stroll and can also enjoy many activities like canoeing, boat ride, kayaking, etc.


  • Pick up and Drop for this journey will be from your hotel room.
  • Only lunch will be served.
  • Transfer will be on a privately shared AC vehicle.
  • All taxes will also be covered


  • No accommodation covers under this package.
  • Any personal expense will be taken care of by you.

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