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Located in the Eastern end of the Himalayas Bhutan is a quiet heaven away from the maddening bustle of the crowd which is also known for being the ‘happiest country in the world’. The entire region is blanketed in lush green sub-alpine Himalayan greenery which is notable all over the world for its diverse wildlife culture. This country which tucked away comfortably between the Tibetan autonomous region along with India and China, is drenched in well preserved Buddhist culture and a uniquely traditional heritage. The unmistakable mysticism in the air and the surreal natural beauty sets this place apart from the rest.

We want you to have an authentic Bhutanese experience during your trip to Bhutan, keeping this in mind we bring to you a range of affordable and cheap Bhutan tour packages. Experience the beauty that is Bhutan with our serene Bhutan tour package or you can have a deeper look into the treasure trove of culture that India is with our India Bhutan tour package or you can even explore the entire northeast region of India with our Northeast and Bhutan tour package. Apart from the soothing environment you will be able to experience the strong sense of culture that binds this kingdom as one.

Each of our tour packages are created in a manner that will allow you to have a magical experience in this land of scenic divinity and lush national parks. We will take you across some of the most iconic landmarks of the country like Thimphu, Paro, Punakha, Manas national park, Trongsa and so much more that there won’t have time to get bored. Our reasonably priced itineraries, that are considered to be the best in business, Makes sure that you have a cherishing time at this magical country.

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Bhutan Birding Package

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