Charming Ancient Landmarks of Bodrum Peninsula of Turkey

Bodrum peninsula is a beautiful place located in southwestern coast of Turkey. A party centre and home too many civilizations throughout history. There are many landmarks that dot the region reminiscent of Greek culture. The captivating monuments portray a rich past worth exploring and huge attraction to the region if you would like to visit turkey soon apply for Turkey visa for best assistance. Some of the most famous landmarks to visit during the Turkey tour of the region include.

1. St Peters Castle (Bodrum Castle)

St Peters Castle Bodrum Castle

The most famous ancient structure located at the edge of the harbour overlooking the sea that was built in the 15th century. Made of carvings and marble blocks that make it a fascinating structure worth visiting on tour of the region. A great building that’s home to the famous underwater Archaeology Museum rich in history and showcases artifacts and exhibitions. Many historical features and other ruins have immense attraction to the site. Turkey visa is a best solution for history lovers because Turkey offers many best attractions.

2. Ancient Amphitheatre

Ancient Amphitheatre in Turkey

A grand monument standing out proudly and offers a great view of the sea and coastline. It has stood tall and is well preserved since early centuries making it an attraction site visited by while on the tour of the region. The theatre is made up of three parts including the stage, audience sitting zone and the orchestra. Visitors watch concerts and other performances while enjoying the beautiful view of Bodrum Castle and Harbour.

Its great location on the hillside provides a perfect ground for taking pictures and other adventures. There is spectacular view of sea and town from rocks tombs above the theatre that offers great experience.

3. Tomb of King Mausolus

Tomb of King Mausolus in Turkey

A remarkable landmark dating back over 2000 years and among the ancient wonders of the world. It operates as an open-air museum and a great relic open to all throughout the year. A fascinating site to visit and learn from the remains of early civilization.

Although the effects of weather and earthquakes has taken toll and ruined most of it over the years the foundation remains strong and quite an attraction to many a visitors. Among the ruins of the old city that has stood the test of time and classical example of early civilization.

4. Turkish Baths

Turkish Baths

The traditional baths where visitors can enjoy bath and body massage safely. The baths have operated for long time offering visitors quality services. There are separate sections for women and men providing privacy while services are provided by personnel from the same gender. Apply for Turkey visa is best solution for many people to get a stress free holidays and good choice too.

Huge attraction due to its historical significance and services offered. Lots of fun and relaxation creates a magical experience from these ancient baths.

5. Myndos Gate (Myndos Kapisi)

Myndos Gate (Myndos Kapisi)

Situated in the Western region of Bodrum this monument is a remnant of long walls that encompassed the city in early centuries. The landmark has a rich history indicating the entrance to the old city. A great sightseeing area where tourists can watch the remains of the walls that protected the old city. A captivating spot for picture taking as visitors enjoy the beautiful view of the sea and surrounding areas.

Numerous prehistoric zones with unique features welcome visitors to Bodrum. They attract visitors from world over eager to sample the best of ancient monuments. To be allowed entry into the country by Turkey visa is required and this is the best online service. Book a visa in advance to have a hassle-free travel to turkey.

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