Caleta and Caletilla Beach
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Popular Beaches in Acapulco with Photos

There is something that is so typically unique in the Caribbean and the Atlantic, that any tourist would surely relate to. The Caribbean and Atlantic pleasures of travel are something that go beyond the realm of travel ecstasies and is above the limitations of a beautiful travel memory.

There are many beach pleasures in the region of Caribbean and the Atlantic and the Acapulco beaches are the major attractions in these locales. So come and experience the beautiful beaches here and get to know how they satisfy your travel quotient.

Playa La Angosta

Playa Langosta Beach

This is a lovely tranquil beach that is found on the western side of the peninsula and is filled with the ultimate travel delights. Around 20 minutes from the Acapulco’s Zocalo this is a beautiful region to be in and you just have to take a bus to Caleta and then get off near the Hotel Avenida. Then just go eastwards and you would find yourself in the land of the beautiful La Angosta. This beach is a small beautiful hutment that is a great place to be in and gives you the desert cove experiences. A little away from La Quebrada this is the place where the popular Mexican cliff divers enjoy their escapades to the crevasse below. A walk or a stroll along these lovely beach zones only fills you with the greatest travel experiences. From here you could walk a little uphill and find yourself in the amphitheater here which is also a greatly favourite joint for the travellers coming here. Sunset here is another unique and special experience so it is assured that a visit to this serene beach wouldn’t let you go disappointed.

Barra Vieja

Barra Vieja Beach

Come to the Barra Vieja and fill yourself with the greatest travel pleasures. Barra Vieja is a lovely destination in the Caribbean and is the best way you could spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of a busy Acapulco daily life. This lies just beyond the airport and gives you the maximum kind of travel memories to cherish. It is a little away from the Playa Diamante area. One can reach here from the International Airport at Acapulco and also avail of the beach resort facilities that are available here. Come here and bask in the pleasures of a fascinating beach ambience and savour the delicious Mexican cuisine which is so much a part of the beach experiences here. Besides all this, the sight of the lovely thatched huts is another added experience. Also the horseback riding facilities here ensure you get your share of adventure and thrill. Then again you have the rent horse scheme which gives the greatest tour delights. There are small restaurants with the best food delights and the Tres Palos Lagoon is another enchanting experience in this land of surprises. So this ancient fresh water lagoon with its nine miles stretch is the place where the tropical birds thrive. So if you are the one who is keen to travel in the tour style boats and enjoy their presence just go ahead and kindle your natural instincts and come back satiated with ideal travels.

Barra Vieja is a place that can be accessed either by buses from Acapulco or by taxis which take you to this fascinating land. Take as many pictures as you want as you get the opportunity to get to see the best and the most memorable in your travels to this part of the world.

Caleta and Caletilla

Caleta and Caletilla Beach

As you traverse the regions of Caleta and Caletilla you would be happy that you chose the Caribbean and Atlantic as your travel destination. With the calm waters of the beaches, this is a great ambience to be in and a perfect atmosphere to experience if you are in search of beach experiences.

With the best kind of surroundings and the most beautiful ambience, the beaches in Acapulco in the Caribbean and Atlantic give you ideal travel pleasures and great tour delights.

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