20 Best Beaches in Gujarat

At about 1600 kilometers, the coastline of Gujarat is not only the longest among all Indian states, but it is also generously strewn with a wide plethora of picturesque and stunning beaches that attract a large number of travelers and tourists from around the globe. The beaches of Gujarat offer an ideal holiday destination to one and all, whether one is looking to spend some quality time with loved ones amidst the sand and the sun, enjoy world-class water sports activities, have a spiritual rendezvous, explore the rich flora and fauna of the region, or simply enjoy some peace and quiet while relishing the beautiful vistas of the sun setting into a secluded sea. Some of the most visited beaches in Gujarat are:

List of the 20 Beautiful Beaches in Gujarat

1. Ahmedpur-Mandvi Beach

Ahmedpur-Mandvi Beach
One of Gujarat’s lesser-known gems, Ahmedpur-Mandvi has one of the finest pieces of coastline in the state. Still majorly unexplored, this beach offers an extraordinary opportunity for those looking to escape the bustle of their quick-paced lifestyles. The sea water is white and ideal for swimming as well as various water sports adventures like water scooters skiing, Surfing, Para-Sailing, and speed boating. Situated where Gujarat and Diu come together, the coastal region is rich in bio-diversity from migratory birds to marine life such as dolphins, even lions can be spotted visiting the forest that is under the forest department and covers one side of the beach.

2. Dandi Beach

Dandi Beach
This small village on the coast of the Gulf of Khambhat holds a special place in the history of India and its struggle for independence. Owing to its connections with Mahatma Gandhi, it attracts tourists from around the globe. The famous Saifee Villa Museum dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi is situated close to the beach itself. Apart from its historical significance, the beach is also an ecologically sensitive region consisting of vast mudflats, mangroves, and wetlands which makes it an ideal place to visit for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. The beach has a well-managed dedicated vendor corridor for visitors as well as Van Kutirs, benches, shades, etc. along with ample sanitation facilities for the convenience of people visiting the beach.

3. Dwarka Beach

Dwarka Beach
Apart from the obvious religious significance of the Jagat Mandir or Dwarkadhish Temple, this ancient coastal town also boasts multiple stretches of charming beaches which attract tourists in their own right. The most important among these are the Dwarka lighthouse beach where one can enjoy local street food as well as water rides, Gomati Ghat beach with its serene blue waters situated on the opposite bank from the famous Panchananda Teerth, as well as the rocky shore of the Bhadkeshwar Mahadev Temple which is famous for its sunset point. Another idyllic spot in the region is the Beyt Dwarka Beach located on Beyt Island, 30 km offshore from Dwarka which is accessible by ferry rides.  The white sandy beach and the coral reef make it an ideal spot for observing marine diversity as well as a wide variety of water birds.

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4. Gopnath Beach

Gopnath Beach
With limestone cliffs and breathtaking views of tiny offshore islands along the coast, Gopnath is a serene and tranquil beach located along the Gulf of Khambhat. The small village is steeped in myths and legends and thus has great religious significance.  The 700-year-old Gopnath Mahadev Temple located close to the beach on a volcanic hill is the center of attraction and a must-visit when in the area. Other popular destinations nearby include the Talaja Jain Temple, the world’s biggest shipbreaking yard in Alang, etc.

5. Harshad and Miyani Beaches

Situated opposite each other across the Medha creek along the south-western coast of Saurashtra peninsula in Jamnagar district, Harshad and Miyani beaches offer recreational as well as religious avenues to visitors. Harshad Beach is mainly popular for the ancient temple of Goddess Harsiddhi situated on a hillock near the shore. Although the water along this beach is considered dangerous for swimming or bathing, Miyani Beach is calm and gentle and is perfect for visitors looking for recreational activities and its scenic views offer a great chance to those looking to unwind and relax.

6. Kuda and Koliyak Beaches

The Kuda and Koliyak beaches are located at a distance of about 4 km from each other in the Ghogha Taluka of Bhavnagar District. Ghogha is an ancient town that has been a hotpot of various cultures and has always been steeped with rich traditions of shipbuilding and sailing. The beach at Kuda village is famous for its temple of Chikotar Devi which has huge religious significance. The beach at Koliyak village holds great significance among Shiva devotees. It is the site of the famous Bhadarvi fair. A temple of Lord Shiva located on an island 3 km to the east of Koliyak which gets inundated at High tide is another major tourist attraction. The sea at Koliyak is suitable for swimming and devotees consider it auspicious to do so.

7. Madhavpur Beach

Madhavpur Beach
This lesser-known beach is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of Gujarat. The allure of this beach lies in its white sand and pristine clear water. Even though the sea here is unsuitable for swimming and water sports, it is still a fairly popular destination due to its quaint views and rich biodiversity. The place also has huge religious significance among devotees of Lord Shiva as well as Lord Krishna. During the month of Shravan scores of people throng to the Shiva temple near the beach. Folklore says that the marriage of Lord Krishna and Rukmini was solemnized here, and after Ram-Navmi, a three-day fair is held to celebrate the same.

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8. Mahuva Beach

Mahuva Beach
A lush green oasis in the otherwise semi-arid Saurashtra region, Mahuva Beach in Bhavnagar district is yet another less explored gem in Gujarat. With an absence of large-scale commercial establishments, this place with its mild weather and beautiful expanses of coconut trees is a haven for those seeking refuge from the crowd. Tourist attractions nearby include the historical Bhavani Temple and Pingleshwar, known for an ancient Shivling under the sea which is only visible and accessible during Low Tide.

9. Mandvi Beach

Ahmedpur-Mandvi Beach
Situated at the estuary where the River Rukmavati meets the Gulf of Kutch in the Kutch district, Mandvi Beach is famous for its trademark Golden-yellow-hued sands and stunning emerald waters. Dotted with giant windmills, this scenic beach offers a wide variety of activities ranging from laid-back camel rides to exhilarating water sports. Visitors also love to visit the iconic Vijaya Vilas Palace. The beach is also home to a host of marine species, especially turtles which also attract a number of nature-lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

10. Mithapur Beach

Mithapur Beach
Mithapur Beach is a unique experience, owing to the fact that the beach is privately owned and maintained by Tata Chemicals Ltd. A small yet idyllic patch of white sand and clear water, the Mithapur beach is very well maintained in terms of cleanliness and infrastructure. The coast has unique marine and coastal resources comprising rich coral reefs, lush mangrove cover, and beautiful reef vegetation which provide excellent sites for nesting of turtles as well as nesting and roosting of bird life.

11. Narara Beach

One of the 42 beautiful islands in the Gulf of Kutch, Narara Island is part of the Marine National Park and Sanctuary. An ideal spot for marine life lovers, it is home to thousands of marine creatures and a vast walkable coral reef. The region is a hotspot for migratory birds such as Flamingos, pelicans, grebes, ducks, and several others. Coral walks, bird watching and a small museum displaying various marine species are the major attractions of this place.

12. Nargol Beach

Located in southern Gujarat along the coast of the Gulf of Khambhat, the Nargol beach is still rather unexplored and a delight for nature aficionados. The beach is apt for swimming and relaxing. The sea waters here have a population of several marine creatures like sea turtles, jellyfish, dolphins and crabs. The Parsi Fire Temple located just by the beach is one of the major attractions in the area.

13. Porbandar Beach

Porbandar Beach
Being well connected to other cities in the state, the beaches in Porbandar draw huge crowds, with both tourists as well as locals thronging the Chowpati area to enjoy a wide range of activities including indulging in a delectable selection of street food, jogging along the beach, swimming in the pristine waters of the Arabian Sea, Camel rides, water sports, etc. The Chowpati also has a well-laid seating arrangement for tourists who simply want to relax and enjoy the fabulous views. The Chowpati ground is also used for holding the Janmashtami Fair, one of the most important festivals in the region. Huzoor Palace, located near the beach is another major attraction for visitors.

14. Sarkeshwar Beach

Located at Saurashtra’s southern tip, Sarkeshwar Beach is a seamless blend of several flavors. Its untouched scenic beauty and calm turquoise waters not only make it a perfect place to sit back and relax, but the shallow waters and mild currents are very conducive for water-related sports activities.

15. Shivrajpur Beach

Shivrajpur beach, situated 10 kilometers from Dwarka, is blessed with a smooth sandy shore and calm and peaceful waters. An off-beat destination, this beach is distinctive due to its coral formations and the presence of endangered turtles, migratory birds, and dolphins. With clear blue waters and a velvety white carpet of shells and corals, this beach is a tranquil haven for those seeking refuge from the maddening crowd.

16. Somnath Beach

Somnath Beach
The renowned Somnath temple, devoted to Lord Shiva is one of the most frequented tourist destinations in Gujarat. As a result, the adjoining Somnath beach also witnesses a massive footfall of tourists and devotees. The beach hosts a wide variety of activities including Camel and horse rides, handicraft bazaars selling ‘ghagra-cholis’, and traditional outfits covered with embroidery, wall hangings, and Patola silk garments as well as an assortment of food stalls. Just a few kilometers from Somnath is the renowned Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary.

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17. Tithal Beach

Tithal Beach
The beach at Tithal lies to the west of Valsad town extending all the way to Devka Beach in Daman. It is flat and devoid of rocks, with black sand that makes it distinctively prominent among visitors as well as locals. The beach houses the Shri Swami Narayan Temple as well as the Shri Sai Baba Temple, both attracting tourists that visit to admire the exquisite carvings and the architectural beauty of the temple complexes. The Chowpati area houses several food stalls and fun rides for kids, along with camel rides and sports rides.

18. Ubharat Beach

Ubharat Beach
Ubharat Beach, located 35 kilometers from Surat, is an attractive tourist destination owing to its strategic location. The drive to this beach is beautiful with charming tree-lined roads. With its golden sands and azure vistas, it is a perfect place to relax and unwind away from the hue and cry of city life.

19. Umbergaon Beach

Comparatively unexplored, this idyllic small-town beach has an old-world charm that is hard to resist. An ideal spot for those looking to enjoy a quiet and calm sunset, this beach is also an ideal spot for a family picnic or a couple’s getaway.

20. Veraval Beach

Veraval Beach
Merely 6 kilometers from Somnath, Veraval is another hidden gem in the treasure trove that is Gujarat. The beach is tranquil and untainted with a number of activities catering to all age groups. Visitors can witness sea-going dhows and fishing boats being made in this coastal town by local seafarers using traditional tools and techniques. The Veraval Fort located near the beach is reminiscent of the Nawabi heritage of the place and is a must for those visiting Veraval.

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