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Best Indian Highway for Foodies

We love to drive and we love to eat. Gone are the days when dhabas would just serve truckers. Now Indian dhabas boast of almost every modern amenities. From local Indian dhabas to multinational food joint, all are here on Great Indian highway. Here’s few Indian highway where you have both your love. A foodies delight, the best Indian highways for foodies.

01. National Highway 1: Delhi to Chandigarh and Amritsar
Delhi to Chandigarh and Amritsar
One of the busiest highway and a highly recommended pathway for several holiday destinations in north, NH-1 boast of many Dhabas or eateries. Dhabas in this stretch boast good facilities for families and people travelling by car. Places like Murthal, Jhilmil, Jalandhar, Ambala works as one of the best facilities in case you decide on a stopover in order to serve your hunger.

Murthal Parantha:
As you approach Murthal from Delhi just after sonepat, you find a flurry of dhabas on your left. The like of Pahalwan and Sukhdev are big dhabas which can serve 100 or may be 1000 of people at the same time. They are famous for their tandoori Parantha, (from aloo Plaza to Gobi to Paneer), you think of it and it’s here. Served with white butter or Amul butter with cird, it’s must have when you stop here.

Haveli @ Panipat, Karnal, Jalandhar:
Haveli over the years have become a brand in itself and now have a chain of dhabas across NH-1. They are not the stereotyped dhabas, but more of a modem village roadshow. They also have rooms to stay and have activities like camel ride, bullock cart, shops etc for your entertainment. The food here is has a range of option but highlights are typical Punjabi gastronomical food with all the butter in it. From main food course like dal Makhani, Paneer Makhani, Butter Naan to a wide range of fast food, they have all it here.

Some of the other notable places are Zhilmil Dhaba near Karnal, Lucky Da Dhaba near Ludhiana.

02. National Highway 2: Delhi to Moradabad

Another north Indian highway and another delight for foodie. This is not as rich in number of dhabas as compared to NH-1, but the one just after Gajraula is worth mention here. This place is surrounded by some of the major international food joints, KFC, Dominos, Mc Donald to some of the Indian food joints like Bikanervala and Sagar Ratna are all confounded at one place giving the traveller’s a great choice of food to serve their appetite.

03. National Highway 8: Delhi to Mumbai
Delhi to Mumbai
This highway connects the two major cities of India and gives you all flavours of North and western India. The length of this highway with facilities all the way along makes it unique in terms of variety of cuisine it serves to great Indian traveller. From Delhi to Jaipur and Udaipur, you get varieties of north Indian and Rajasthani gastronomical food, As you enter Gujarat, try the sweet Gujarati and famous Kathiyawad cuisine and then the famous vada pao starts as you are nearing Mumbai.

Delhi -Jaipur – Ajmer:
This stretch is the gateway to Rajasthan and has some of good highway dhabas serving quality food in hygenic environment. Midway dhabas near behror run by RTDC, hotel highway King near Shahpura which also has stay option and Cafe Coffee Day. Once you cross Jaipur towards Ajmer you have many dhabas on both side of GVK expressway. Yadav Dhaba near Ajmer is said to be a famous one. This section of NH8 mostly serve north Indian food like Dal Makhani, Naan, Paneer Makhani, tandoori Parantha etc.

Udaipur – Ahmedabad – Vadodara:
As you move after Udaipur towards Ahmedabad and further into Vadodara, the cuisine starts changing. From north Indian to the sweeter Gujarati and Kathiawadi food.As you approach Ahmedabad, there are some good restaurants near himmatnagar. These are basically hotels and small resort but being right on highway, they are good to stop for food. One of the famous Kathiyawadi joint is between Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad is Goras restaurant. Once you enter the Ahmedabad – Vadodara expressway you don’t have much of choice except designated stop near Vadodara. They serve good hygienic food.

Surat – Mumbai:
This section of the highway is more of kathiawadi and Maharashtrian food. You will find many joints which serve food all along the way. Some of the popular places are Desi Dhaba near Valsad, Dhabas near IRB toll plaza Amboli, Kinara Dhaba near dahisar and Vasai.

04. National Highway 4: Pune – Satara – Bangalore:
Pune - Satara - Bangalore
Maharashtra is covered all along by Vithal Kamat family dhabas. These dhabas serve good and clean food at a very reasonable rate. We then have dahabas and food joint after khed Shivapur toll in Pune district. There are many dhabas along the way at Kolhapur, all the way till Belgaum. There is KFC/MCD Near Kolhapur as well.

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