Thames Festival
United Kingdom

Thames Festival

The Thames Festival is held along the river and is a celebration of the River Thames through art, music and a range of educational events. Activities don’t just take place on the river, but also along its banks and bridges. In previous years, the festival only ran for a single weekend, but this year the […]

Europe Spain

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Spain

Spain is indeed a pleasant surprise to travellers who are looking to discover fascinating cultures and traditions during their visit. From the impressive ancient monuments by the Moors and Romans to the white-washed villages in Andalusia, there is always something that Spain has to offer. Aside from these fascinating destinations that give you a glimpse […]

Europe Italy

Top 10 Italy Tourist Attractions

Italy is famous for its ancient structures that merge seamlessly with modern architectures. Moreover, the country is home to numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are centuries old. Explore the breathtaking beauty of this country for a truly memorable and meaningful trip to this part of Europe. Italy is teeming with endless number of tourist […]

Surfing in Peniche

The 8 Best Surf Spots in Portugal

Portugal is among the top destinations for surfing in Europe. At the same time, this is not surprising since this country has absolutely everything you need for an ideal holiday: historic waves and unimaginable, fabulous landscapes, a sun that shines a good part of the year and the best of all, delicious pastries for after-surf […]