Kerala Backwaters : Romantic Yet Unforgettable

Kerala Backwater is an exhilarating tourists destination that enable traveler to experience the most exotic topography ranging from pristine beaches, aromatic plantations, amazing wildlife, and the colorful culture traditions, together located in vicinity on this narrow strip of land in the southern part of India. The various tour packages available also give you the opportunity to enthrall your senses with the dynamic temple architecture of Kerala, admire the traditional art form of Kathakali dance, explore the local handicraft items and savor the lip smacking cuisines of Kerala.

Kerala Backwater has been declared as one of most exotic eco location in the country. The one experience that you must not skip on your Kerala tours is the night on Kettuvallam – the traditional houseboats, your leisure home on the wondrous backwaters of this palm fringed state. As you sail on the serene backwaters of Kerala, the beauty of calm waterways and quaint streams and inlets along the cost of Kerala will enchant you.

Some of the popular backwater destination in Kerala includes Alappuzha, Kumarakom, Kollam, Kozhikode and Kochi.


Alappuzha Backwater

Begin your journey from Alappuzha, the popular backwater destination and the Venice of the East. An complex network of canals and lagoons in Alappuzha, especially that forms a part of the Vembanad lake is a place if you really want to see some astounding beauty. Scenes enroute are equally enchanting – fishing villages, lush paddy fields, Ayurveda camps, and the busy fishermen’s. The major attraction here is Kuttand, the rice bowl of India, which is the only place in the world where farming is done on land below the sea level.


Kumarakom Backwater

Yet another inspiring backwater destination on the banks of the Vembanad lake, is Kumarakom which is also the favorite haunting destination of the migratory birds. It is one such place in Kerala where some of the interesting rare and endangered species of birds can be observed and photographed at the close quarters. Tune yourself with the melodious bird songs and please you eyes with amazing sceneries of immense natural beauty complemented with coconut groves, mangroves and rice paddy fields.


Ashtamudi lake backwater

Popularly referred to as Swapnadesham by her faithful admirers, Kollam is popular as the ancient center of cashew trade in India. The one thing that most appreciate is immense natural beauty of this place, which has yet not faded out even a bit. The backwaters in the Ashtamudi lake and its channels are still as attractive as they were many years back. Step out of the boat and explore the numerous tribal hamlets, enchant with the local people, learn about their culture and taste the traditional food of Kerala in one of the places, particularly the sea food.


Kozhikode backwater

Kozikode is one of the less explored regions of Kerala. So you can expect lot of hidden surprises here at every step. Elathur, the Canolly Canal and the Kallai river are the popular boating destinations here. You can also make a visit to the Kadulundi Bird Sanctuary and Korapuza, the venue for Korapuzha Jalotsavam.


Chinese fishing nets

Cochin locally known as Kochi is one of the best natural harbours in the world. All the islands that form a part of Kochi are interconnected by the network of lakes and canals. Passing through them and viewing the Chinese fishing nets, especially during the sunset, is one sight that you will cherish forever.

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