Mixed Weather Packing Made Easy
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Mixed Weather Packing Made Easy

You’ve booked your holiday months ago and you’re starting to get really excited about the sights that you’ll see and things that you’ll do, but what about what you’re going to wear? Perhaps you’re travelling into different countries, or you’re going somewhere with weather that is unpredictable, so what should you pack so you’re perfectly prepared for all weather and all occasions? We’ve put together some helpful hints and tips to make mixed weather packing easy.
Mixed Weather Packing Made Easy
There are a few things that you can do that will help you narrow down what you should bring on your holiday. Do a bit of research and figure out the weather forecast. This will help greatly, though it shouldn’t always be taken as gospel. You should make sure that you also find out any cultural differences between yours and your destination. Arab countries usually require covered shoulders and arms and long trousers.

The length of your holiday should also be taken into account, and whether you’ll be able to wash anything while you’re away. Though you might need four or five outfits for a weekend, a two week holiday shouldn’t require a different outfit each day.

The last thing that you should consider is what you’ll be doing on the trip. If you’re off on a city break, you’re more likely to be going to dinner in a posh restaurant than on a walking holiday in the middle of the countryside.

A Capsule Wardrobe
Ideally, you’ll pack about twelve items. If you can, stick to a colour scheme so you don’t have to pack specific outfits, which allows you to mix and match clothes without clashing. Opt for more solids over patterns, as, again, this means that you’re able to pair more garments together without the risk of a clash.

Accessories are also good as they will help take an outfit from casual to more formal or dressy. For a woman, a smart jacket and a pair of heels will transform a dress, and a man’s shirt can be smartened up with a pair of dark jeans or chinos and a pair of oxford brogues.

Shoes should be varied, as your feet are the things that will suffer the most if you get the weather wrong. You should pack a pair of flip flops like these from Skate Hut, for the beach and hot weather, a pair of dress shoes for a night out, and a pair of walking shoes if you’re going sightseeing or walking.

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