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7 Notable Towns to Visit in the Nation of Barbados

Barbados is one of the most famous island nations present in the Caribbean. You can bask in the palm-lined beaches of the beautiful country. Tourism is one of the main parts of their nation and they are very hospitable people. It is a dream for many to search houses for rent in Barbados. They want to sunbathe and spend their holiday in the most luxurious way possible. Of course, it can become true as it isn’t very hard to reach Barbados. You just need plane tickets and passport to reach this beautiful country. We have made the effort to include some interesting places of Barbados. We hope you appreciate the list.

Towns and Cities of Barbados


Bridgetown, Barbados

Bridgetown is the capital of the country. It is also the largest city present in Barbados. The population of the city is just 110,000 people. It is the cultural and economic capital of Barbados, so it is quite important. The planning has been done in a great way and tourists can navigate the city quite easily. It has been a constant part of the country so much of the history lies in it. One can visit the Barbados Museum and Historical Society knows about it in much more details. There are lots of things that one can experience in Barbados. These include the Parliament buildings, the Jewish Synagogue, the Cheapside Market, Queen’s park. It is very easy to get through Bridgetown by public transport.


Speightstown Beach

This is another location that is important to the country. It is about 19 Kms away from the capital city of Barbados. The total population of the place is about 3,634 people. It was first inhabited in 1630 and has grown ever since. This town is definitely mellowed down and has the quality of the colonial times. You can see the old buildings and the humble culture in people. It is a little more crowded during the weekends when people go out for shopping.


Bathsheba Village

This is a fishing village that you will find in Barbados. Situated on the east coastline of the island, it has a population of 5,000. The beauty of the place is eye-catching and it is known for its rocky beaches. The beach is never crowded and you can enjoy your day in peace. In the town you can experience the Andromeda Botanical Gardens which has a huge variety of plant species. Also, do not forget to visit the Hunte’s Gardens or the Flower forest as they are exquisitely beautiful. Have a nice in the town and taste some local food.


Holetown, St James

The interesting name comes from a narrow stretch which the settlers chose as a landing space. It isn’t used in such a way right now, but the name persists. It is one of the oldest towns in Barbados and also contains the St. James Parish Church. The population is just over 1,500 people. You can cool yourself down at the beach or visit the Folkestone Marine Park. Also check out the Holetown monument and the Sir Frank Hutson Sugar Museum when you are in town. There are many notable bars and breweries around the town that are worth a try.


Oistins Night Life

Another beautiful laid back town that you get to see in Barbados. The place is extremely beautiful and scenic. About 2,285 call the island their home. In the recent years they have been seeing a lot of tourists. They have made kind of a Friday tradition to make it special for the guests. You get to drink alcohol and eat fish fries and dance on the beach on Friday nights. Other than that visit the Enterprise Beach, dive to see seahorses and indulge yourself in pub hopping.

Turner’s Hall Woods

Turner’s Hall Woods Barbados

This place is totally dedicated to being a natural reserve. One can hop on the journey to the town and start on the trek. It is beautiful and peaceful for anyone that loves nature. They will get to see uncommon trees that only grow in the specific park. It is actually the little glimpse of the initial past of Barbados. Some trees that you get to see on this park are sandbox, silk cotton, fustic, trumpet tree and many more. Hikers have loved this place for years, even Queen Elizabeth II visited the trail once. The trek lasts for a mile and is quite steep.

Saint Lawrence Gap

Saint Lawrence Gap

You will get people who often refer to this place just as ‘The Gap’. The Government has given the place a facelift to accommodate tourism. St. Lawrence by the Sea is a small church that you can experience in this town. The best known beach of this town is the Dover Beach. One can also enjoy the several restaurants and pubs that have been installed for them. The town is perfect for an outing or picnic for people who love peace. Also, the nightlife of this place is quite interesting. You can also choose book one of the resorts or villas present in this town.

So, these are the few of the towns that we will recommend you to visit on your trip to Barbados. Of course, there are lot more towns and villages that you can choose to visit. Barbados is all about peace and culture. Most of the tourism hasn’t developed yet, but we can see a great future. We are sure that you will have a nice time when you visit Barbados.

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