Places To See In Agra
Uttar Pradesh

Places To See In Agra

Agra is one of the fascinating places on the face of the planet and the credit goes to the splendid monument also called the monument of romance and love, the wonderful Taj Mahal. It is said that India is known by the Taj Mahal and the same is very true. Taj is the complete example of an intense craftsmanship and dedication so much so that the emperor did not want a monument of such a beauty in any other part of the world. As per the historical evidence, it is said that the emperor chopped off the hands of the masons and people involved in its designing so that the monument of this extraordinary beauty shall not be ever made again on the face of the earth. Come and enjoy the wonderful Taj Mahal holding the hand of your lovely wife. As the tourist set the foot inside the monument or approaches towards it, he feels the stunning beauty and the world with the complete difference. Come and enjoy the beauty of the majestic monument in its entire splendor and make the days and nights beautiful with the sizzling romance whose taste will remain throughout eternity by availing an Uttar Pradesh Tour Packages. Visit Fatehpur Sikri, a nice place and very dear to Emperor Akbar.

A few of the most everlasting and imposing monuments within the globe were built in the course of the Mughal rule. Agra boasts couple of from the well-known monuments like Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Jama Masjid, Akbar’s Tomb.

Tourist Attraction in Agra

1. Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

Agra is popular for beholding one from the 7 wonders of the world-the Taj Mahal. The architectural brilliance with the mansion, the fortin and the palaces is actually a clear remainder from the mausoleums from the funds in the 16th and early 17th generations. Taj Mahal is among the World Heritage Monuments and attracts maximum number of visitors from all more than the world.

The superb marble tomb was constructed between 1631 and 1653 by Shah Jahan, the Emperor of Agra. The Taj Mahal was constructed in memory of his wife Mumtaz, who died in childbirth.

2. Agra Red Fort

Agra Red Fort

The fortin was initially constructed by Emperor Akbar and was later expanded by Aurangzeb. The fort’s big double partitions rise over twenty m (65 ft) in peak and measure two.5 km in circumference. They’re enclosed by a fetid moat and contain a maze of excellent halls, eloquent mosques, elegant chambers and mesmerizing gardens which forms a small city inside a town.

Shah Jahan was held in captivity by his son Aurangzeb in this red fort. He did gave his father an area with a see of the Taj Mahal, built by him. It’s an intriguing fort and worth viewing.

3. Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid

This masjid is said to have erected in the loving memory of Sheikh Salim Chishti and his grandson Islam Khan by Jahanara Begum, Shah Jahan’s daughter, who was imprisoned with Shah Jahan by Aurangzeb, inside the yr. 1648 A.D. The masjid exhibits an excellent assimilation of Iranian architecture. The constructing with its rectangular open forecourt, has no minarets but its sandstone domes possess a striking marble patterning.

4. Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri

Among 1570 and 1586, this was the temporary richesse from Emperor Akbar, from the Moghul Empire. This impregnable metropolis houses impressive gateways and ornamented palaces built in red sandstone. Among these architectural activities would be the palaces of Akbar’s queen – Jodha Bai, Mariyam and his Turkish sultana, built in various designs, every fantastic in itself. It really is 40 km west of Agra.

5. Tomb of I’timād-ud-Daulah

Tomb of Itimād-ud-Daulah

Mariam Zamani was a spouse of Akbar and they acquired married in 1592. The Akbar named her as Mariam Zamani following the beginning of their son Salim. The tomb of Mariam-Zamani is situated inside the center of a spacious yard. A magnificent construction in marble plus a have to see spot for all visitors. The tomb is located really near towards the Christian Missionary Culture. It is actually constructed in accordance with Mughal architecture.

6. Chini Ka Rauza

Chini Ka Rauza

Constructed in 1639 A.D. by Mulla Shukrullah Shirazi, in his daily lifetime, who was the Primary Minister of Shah Jahan. He was also an extremely popular poet of that time and is known to have composed numerous poetry under the pen name of ‘Allami’.

Popularly called Chini ka Rauza, the uniqueness of this monument lies that’s exquisitely decorated with variegated schemes of colors. The Mausoleum of Mulla Shukrullah Shirazi is one of the most prime masterpieces of glazed-tile decoration.

7. Ram Bagh

Ram Bagh

Affreux in 1528 by Emperor Babar, it is actually said that Babar was quickly buried here, ahead of getting interred at Kabul. It truly is 1 from the earliest Mughal gardens.

8. Dayalbagh

The temple below building is becoming constructed through the Radha Swami Have confidence in for greater than thirty a long time. It features a special assortment of statues carved in marble.

09. Akbar’s Tomb at Sikandra

Akbars Tomb at Sikandra

A short distance from Agralies the tomb from the Mughal Emperor Akbar the Excellent, in Sikandra. Akbar, who dominated over the Mughal Empire from 1556 to 1605, started creating his mausoleum in the Spartan type of Timurid architecture. The mausoleum was finished by his son, the following Mughal Emperor, Jahangir, who extra additional decorative components to the style of Akbar’s tomb in Sikandra. You are able to see Akbar’s Tomb in Sikandra, on tours to Agra, with Agra Hub.

10. Buland Darwaza

Buland Darwaza

The Buland Darwaza can be a grand gateway situated in Fatehpur Sikri near Agra. This triumphal arch was constructed through the Mughal Emperor Akbar, when he had defeated the king of Khandesh or present-day Gujarat in the year 1573.

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