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Travel Alarm Clock: Being on Time, Every Time, Even When Not at Home

With technologies being replaced every day, our lives have become simply dependent on the newest high-tech gizmos and gadgets. A simple letter turned into a telegraph, then into a phone call, and now into the internet we know today, but there is one invention that has withstood the test of time, the alarm clock. Yes, we all know that thing we set at night and swing at in the morning. It has been involved in our daily lives for hundreds of years. Contrary to popular belief, the alarm clock is found more places than just the bedroom. In millions of suitcases and hotels across the world, the travel alarm clock keeps people on task with their days.

Travel alarm clocks are just like regular alarm clocks except for mobility. With their compact size, travel alarm clocks can be stored in suitcases, bags, and even pockets! So what is the use of these alarm clocks anyway? Most hotels have wake up services, clocks of their own, and when all else fails everyone has a cell phone nowadays. Well, to be honest, all of these are excellent ways to manage your time, but the travel alarm clock provides a better security. Wake up services run the gambit of someone calling late, or you sleeping through the call. Just think about it, would you let that important meeting rest on the shoulders of some person you have never met in your life? Alarm clocks at hotels are unfamiliar and setting the clock wrong means that you are late to your task at hand. How often have you taken a look at the hotel alarm clock and just scratched your head asking yourself “How do I set this thing?” Furthermore, they have to stay in the hotel room, when you can keep your travel alarm clock with you always. As for cell phones, we are always on them or trying to check things on them. Usually when alarm goes off on it, we dismiss it to continue what we were doing on the phone. As well, let us be honest, how many times have you set your alarm on your cell phone just to find out you missed where you were supposed to be going because the battery died on your phone? Cell phones are in fact popular for managing day to day tasks; however, they cannot be trusted to manage time. If you think about it, if these methods of time management were effective, would the travel alarm clock not become archaic and die off? I do not know about you, but I rarely get letters and I would be shocked to see UPS come to my door with a telegram.

Beyond all, travel alarm clocks provide one feature that cannot be matched. They provide your personality. Weather it is digital or analog, classic or modern, choosing the best travel alarm clock is up to your style. For example, Braun travel alarm clocks are a dying breed. The compact analog display takes up nearly the whole space of its 2.5 by 2.5 inch body. They may be modern in style, but they are hard to find. People with a passion for collections and rare items would die to get their hands on these clocks. For those who prefer a little more high tech and functionality, Timex travel alarm clocks are leading the frontier in developing amazing new designs and features for the clock on the go. These clocks have built in radios, set numerous alarms, sync with iPods, display personal pictures, and this is just the tip of the iceberg amount of features. A personal favorite feature of mine has to be synchronizing with local atomic clocks. What these clocks do is sync up their time with the local atomic clocks time. The atomic clock is the official clock of the time zone that every other clock is set by. Remember when you were once able to call for the official time? This is what the traveling alarm clocks with the sync feature do. They contact the closest atomic clock and verify the time. Some models even do this internationally! As for their looks, your imagination is the limit. Almost any size, shape, and colour are available starting out at just $11.99. Braun and Timex are just two brands of many that make unique and cool travel alarm clocks.

As much as technology wants to evolve and has done so, it will never surpass the one thing in life that can stand, and keep track of, time. Technology can just cram more features into our pocket-sized companion, even though it may be the most unappreciated item in your luggage. You can always count on your travel alarm clock to keep you on time, every time, even if you use it at home.

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