Best 5 Attractive Tips To Have A Safe Trip

There are people who love travelling in order to explore new areas of the world. It is the best way in which one can experience new regions of the world so that they can create new memories. However every trip needs a planning or else you can face some hurdles and dangers in your trip. In order to avoid dangers follow these simple tips so that you can experience new cultures peacefully:

Tips To Have A Safe Trip


In order to save yourself from thieves and dacoits when you are travelling keep your money safely. There is no need to flash money in public so that you are noticed. When you are at a store to buy something do not open a large wad of money. While travelling carry a money belt or sack beneath your clothes so that it becomes safe and easy for you to carry cash or valuables. Make a point wherever you go you carry your valuables with you. Do not leave cash behind you in your car or hotel room in your absence. If such is the case where you are bound to leave your precious belongings in your hotel room make sure you lock everything well including the room door. Also try to keep different sources of money in different pockets of your luggage bag. This helps in a way that even if robbery would occur, the thief will be unsuccessful in looting you entirely. This tip will safeguard you that you are at least not left empty-handed. Thus do not rely on one source of money.


If you are travelling in some tribal area, mountainous region or want to hang around a sea beach make sure that you inform someone about your travel plan. Tell every fine detail to your family about the flight take-off hours, landing hours, the hotel you residing in, and the other planned tours that you are going to have from your hotel. This is for an assurance that if in case there is no news about you then your relatives have an idea where to search for you. Be in constant contact of your family and friends no matter how much engrossed you may be in your trip. This will make sure that they react immediately when you fail to make a contact.


Try to blend yourself with the culture and people of the place you are visiting. This purely has two benefits that you will learn something about the unique culture they practice and secondly it is polite to talk to people and establish a conversation. You might be visiting that place for the first time. However you do not need to show that to the people around you. Just be confident as if you taking a troll in the streets of your society. This is particularly emphasized for tourists who carry a paper map with them as they are a common target of street crime. The tourist many a time appears puzzled and lacks confidence. No matter what there is no need to panic even if you are lost. Just show you know every street.


This tip must be followed if you are travelling abroad. Make a copy of all the travel documents and carry with you. If you do not want to carry it maintain its scanned copies in your mail so that they are handy if required during any inquiry. If you have a file with you to carry keep it separate from the main luggage.


If you get down on a store to purchase a bottle of water and keep the luggage that you have in your hand beside you make sure you concentrate on it as well. Amidst of making the payment do not neglect your baggage. A constant eye must be kept on it or else you may not even realise how people follow robbery tactics.

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