Universal Studios Singapore – The First Theme Park in South Asia

Universal Studios Singapore is a theme park situated within Resorts World Sentosa on Sentosa Island, Singapore. It is the first of its kind and the only one in South Asia. Universal Studios Singapore includes 24 movies themed rides and attractions out of which 8 are designed especially for Singapore.

The theme park will certainly provide you a unique experience with outstanding movie theme parks that are designed to protect from bad weather, making your experience at this place a memorable and enjoyable one. At this park, seven unique themed zones surround a striking central lagoon. Each of these zones features characteristic architecture, landscaping and entertainment to offer. The rides at this park will provide you ultimate joy and thrill, the shows will make laugh heartily and the exquisite gardens of the park will provide a delightful time for family and friends. The park also has retail and dining establishments that will offer you a diverse variety of scrumptious dishes.


Hollywood is the first zone of the park that welcomes the guests to the new Universal Studios Singapore in a wide boulevard of art nouveau buildings and marquees. As it is the entrance plaza of the park, Hollywood Singapore includes striking architecture, designed in a way to replicate the golden era of 1940’s Hollywood. A superfluity of shops and dining in this zone offers an opportunity to the visitors to try from a wide range of delicious cuisines. The zone is designed in an exclusive manner to provide shade and protection from rain with the rain cover canopy over the top. The zone is also equipped with air cooling system to make the guests feel refreshed in any kind of weather.

New York

From the streets of 1940’s Hollywood, visitors will come across the streets of New York, which is the next zone in Universal Studios Singapore. This zone is designed on the theme of early New York City, which belonged to the era of post-modernization that is well exhibited with brownstones and faux gas lamps for attraction that takes visitors behind the scenes of movies and television. As you enter this zone from the previous zone, it will provide you an experience of two iconic cities of U.S. The zone is also equipped with fine dining stores that provide delicious range of dishes and the zone is also boasts climate control like the previous one.

Sci-Fi City

After New York visitors will come across Sci-Fi City, which is designed in a manner to replicate the future metropolis of the future. It is an ideal zone for the fans of science fiction and the fans of the hit show Battlestar Galactica. This zone includes the world’s tallest pair of dueling roller coasters that takes you to the height of about 42.7 meters. These twin roller coasters wind together creating several near misses that are extremely heart-pounding. The rides are based on the symbolic battle between Humans and Cyclones in the hit show of Battlestar Galactica.

Ancient Egypt

As the visitors move forward from Sci-Fi-City, they are taken to the zone of the past, Ancient Egypt, which is the fourth zone in Universal Studios Singapore. The zone includes obelisks and pyramids replicating the golden era of Ancient Egypt. Over here, visitors are able to experience the popular movie, ‘The Mummy’ or explore buried treasures and if the visitors get hungry, they can visit the Oasis Spice Café that offers spicy Mediterranean and Malay cuisine.

The Lost World

After coming out of the Ancient Egypt visitors will go even further to the past in the Lost World. The zone is divided into two sub areas, Jurassic Park and Waterworld, which are based on the renowned film franchise by Stephen Spielberg and the hit movie Waterworld starring Kevin Costner respectively.

Far Far Away Form the world of the past, the visitors will now enter the world of fairy tales, in the Far Far Away zone of Universal Studios Singapore. The zone is based on the hilarious animated movie Shrek. The visitors can experience 4-D Shrek movies and live concerts enjoying the role of Donkey, one of the favorite characters in the story.


Coming out of the zone of fairy tales, visitors are taken to the Madagascar zone. The zone is based on the alluring animated movie Madagascar that features four zoo animals Alex, Gloria, Marty and Melman, who escape the central Park Zoo and end up crashing on the island of Madagascar.

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