Tourist Attractions in Dubai
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Why You Should Travel Dubai for the Vacation?

You might be planning for a holiday trip and would be in dilemma where to land this year with your dear ones. And while searching the net to look for the guide where to visit, you might have landed on this page. Isn’t it? Now that you have landed on this page, as per my experience, I would suggest you to think about a visit to Dubai this year.

Dubai is one of the seven Emirates of United Arab Emirates which is situated along the northern shore of the African continent, on the Persian Gulf. Dubai is one of the richest places in the world, mainly because of its vast oil resources. The people of Dubai have a luxury lifestyle and several residents of Dubai don’t even have to work support their family. In fact, in a survey conducted a few years back, the readers voted Dubai being the safest place in the world. People living in Dubai, claim that there is virtually no crime taking place in the city.

Dubai Attractions:
Tourist Attractions in Dubai
There are lots of wonderful and exciting attractions in Dubai. The best part of this city is that it is completely family-oriented. You can visit the place with your grandmother and father and even the youngest member of the family with no worries.

When you will visit the city, you will come to the result that the city has developed hugely. You would not believe if I say that in the past years Dubai was only a miniscule fishing village, where only about 6,000 people lived until oil was discovered in the Arabian Desert in the year 1966. Today, the population of the city totals up to more than 1.3 million and the city has become a destination for the rich and famous.

If you love sports then Dubai is the destination that Middle East will be your go-to destination. Dubai is considered to be the sports capital of the region which hosts world-class horse racing, tennis, golf, camel racing, rugby and boating and sailing. You can even have the amazing experience of indoor snow skiing at the Mall of Emirates. There is even a mountain over three football fields in this colossal shopping centre on which you can enjoy with your alpine skills.

Moreover, Dubai is famously known as the shopping destination. So, the shopping freaks can enjoy shopping with lots in the city. The most wonderful thing in Dubai is, you don’t have to pay the tax for the shopping! In case you want to buy high end and expensive goods items, you just have to pay lesser amount as compared to any other destinations in the world. Make sure that you pay a visit to famous Gold Souk district present in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa is popular all over the world for being the tallest building which is situated in Dubai itself. This building is over 800 meters tall, has more than 160 floors, has 57 elevators and 8 escalators and has more than 26,000 glass panels. You can take a sneak peak of the city by yacht charter Dubai.

Dubai culture and history: During winters, in January and February, Dubai has got fantastic climate, especially in the Northern Hemisphere. The city has got 75 degrees F average temperature. This wonderful climate of Dubai makes it worth visiting during these months.

Also, even though UAE is an Islamic nation, the country has got an international lifestyle. Which means that people from across the world wish to live or at least own some property in Dubai. Hence, it has become one of the top real estate hubs of the world.

Also, there is no particular dress code that visitors should wear in the city if you are wondering about the same. However, make note that you are not wearing mini-skirts or any transparent clothing in public.

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