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India is known worldwide for its impeccable collection of various traditions and cultures which sets it apart from the rest of the world. Being home to Hinduism India has also widely accepted other religions as its own which includes Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity, and Islam among other minor beliefs. All this makes India a vibrant melting pot of these colorful, rich and mesmerizing religions. Ever since Buddha attained his enlightenment during the 3rd century BC and kick started his own religion, India became a hub for Buddhist studies. From his place of birth in Lumbini to his place of Mahaparinirvana in Kushinagar, the Buddhist circuit package or the footprints of Buddhist trail tour package makes sure that you walk on the pious path of Buddha and feel the presence of the divine power.

The packages offer you the opportunity to get a glimpse into the life and times of Lord Buddha by visiting some of the most sacred places associated with him like, the famous Ashokan creation of Mahabodhi temple, the place where Buddha was cremated – Ramabhar stupa and also the exact spot where he gave his very first sermon after attaining his enlightenment in Rajgir. All of these places are adorned with numerous Buddhist temples, Stupas and sites which were either visited by Buddha or holds great significance in the life of the ‘enlightened one’.

Attain an enlightenment of your own by walking on the path created by Buddha himself. Our Buddhist tour packages allow you to self-introspect your perspectives and have a soul enriching experience throughout your entire journey. Our packages are customized, finely crafted and detailed in a manner which includes a visit to all the important and relevant Buddhist pilgrimage centres hence enhancing your life in innumerable ways.

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