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Every year pilgrims who feel called to walk the paths of Chardham Yatra eagerly await the announcement of the opening and closing dates of the Chardham Temples. Well, your wait to know the dates for the door opening ceremony for the year 2023 are gladly over. Also, as soon as the dates for the closing of the temples are officially announced, which happens six months afterwards anyway, we will let you know!

Opening & Closing Dates of Chardham Yatra For 2023

Name of Chardham Temples Opening Dates Closing Dates
Yamunotri Temple  22nd April 2023  Will be updated soon
Gangotri Temple  22nd April 2023  Will be updated soon
Kedarnath Temple  25th April 2023  Will be updated soon
Badrinath Temple  27th April 2023  Will be updated soon

The auspicious dates for Chardham Yatra Opening Dates 2023 are as follows. Yamunotri, the holy shrine that celebrates the origin of the River Yamuna, would open her doors on April month. Also, the sacred shrine of Gangotri also opens her doors to devotees on the same day. While the River Goddesses open their temples for darshan on May month, Kedarnath and Badrinath would open for darshan only towards the end of April. Devotees would be able to have the blissful darshan of Kedarnath Jyotirlinga from 6 May onwards. Badrinath, the beloved temple of Shri Vishnu Bhagwan, awaits to welcome His dear bhakts from May month. Hopefully, this year’s Chardham Yatra would be rendered supremely beneficial, safe, joyous and divinely aligned for everyone who embarks on the pilgrimage.

Chardham yatra is considered particularly important to Hindus. In fact, in the old days, devout Hindus would embark on the pilgrimage towards the end of their lives or during the vanaprastha stage. It was even considered a matter of utmost privilege to lose one’s life while on the journey as it was believed that it ensured a quicker route to salvation. Thanks to the amenities of the modern age, char dham pilgrimage has become a lot less risky than it used to be. Still, one cannot rule out the challenging nature of the trip entirely. The very fact that the shrines and the adjacent precincts remain closed to human habitation and intervention for half the year testifies to the challenging nature of the trek. Of the brief six months the shrines are open, two months of July and August are unsuitable for pilgrimage due to the heavy monsoons. Thus, one sees a heavy rush of pilgrims during May and June. While some pilgrims prefer to make plans for pilgrimage during the post-monsoon months of September and October so as to avoid being part of the pilgrim rush.

If you plan to visit Chardham shrines in the auspicious year of 2023, there’s a lot more to know other than the mere opening and closing dates of each of the shrines. You need to be registered well in advance so that you receive the yatra permit, without which you won’t be able to actually be on the pilgrimage. Also, if you are making plans to visit the temples during the pilgrimage season, you ought to have accommodation at the hotels/resorts booked well in advance. This is where the services of a registered, responsible Chardham yatra operator comes into play.

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