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Set against the background of the mighty Himalayan range and one of the prime Hindu pilgrimage towns Gangotri is set at an elevation of 10,200 ft where devotees flock together during the open season to worship Lord Shiva. The gleaming white temple among the lush greenery makes it not just a favorable pilgrimage site but it also attracts a number of nature lovers, adventure seekers and trekkers. Do not miss out an opportunity in exploring this holy town with our specially designed packages like, the Gangotri tour package, do Dham Yatra tour package which will include visits to Yamunotri as well as Gangotri and the Gangotri Gaumukh Yatra tour package. You will also have an option of choosing from the Gangotri Yamunotri Gaumukh Yatra package and also from the 3 Dham Yatra tour package which will include Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath.

As per legend, this is the exact place where Goddess Ganga had descended from Lord Shiva’s locks of hair making this site one of the most sacred centres of pilgrimage for devout Shaivites. This phenomenon occurred because Ganga wanted to absolve the sins caused by King Bhagiratha’s predecessors. She did appear after the king performed severe and heavy penance. People traveling with us are ensured a comfortable, safe and secure stay along with having an overall exhilarating experience. The main shrine of the temple is a crucial part of the Chota char dham yatra package. The temple is strategically constructed on the origin place of River Ganga and was built strategically by Amar Singh Thapa who was a Nepalese general. Gangotri is the focal point of Hindu pilgrims and each year numerous devotees swarm to this place with an aim of paying their visit to their Lord. Our tour packages will take you on a spiritual journey.

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