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Dedicated to Lord Vishnu incarnation of Muktinath this ancient historical temple located in the lap of the Mustang valley is a place which is visited religiously by devotees. Although in a harsh terrain people make their way either by helicopter or walking to take a bath in the Muktidharas that are believed to provide moksha. The temple in itself is very humble to look at but the religious significance of this place is unmatchable. It is also a popular belief that people who go for Char Dham Yatra and don’t visit Muktinath do not achieve moksha completely.

If you are planning on a visit to this hub spot of religion and unparalleled devotion then you will definitely require a lot of planning and strategizing since it won’t be a cake walk. However the resulting feeling of achievement and fulfillment towards showing your devotion to the lord is simply amazing. Here is a detailed, updated and a complete guide for Muktinath that contains everything you need to know before or even during the journey. Curated with an aim of providing the most assistance to pilgrims this wholesome guide is something you should definitely read.

Know more about the history of this majestic temple along with its significance. This will truly allow you to grasp the importance of this place in general. We have also included the weather conditions to help you plan the trip better along with timing and how you can reach there like by flight, helicopter, road, trekking etc. apart from the temple itself, there are many other places surrounding it which is all listed out in the top tourist attractions. This guide will enable you to go on this religious journey with sureness and confidence. Even if you are looking for a holiday with your family that is the blend of fun, adventure and spirituality then you must go through this complete travel guide for Muktinath.

Quick Facts

Deity Lord Vishnu, Sri Devi Thayaar, Sri Murthy
Beliefs Hinduism, Buddhism
Country Nepal
District Mustang
Altitude 3,800m from sea level

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