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Situated in UP and dedicated to Lord Vishnu this holy place of Hindu pilgrimage and worship is one of the most important Divya desams among the rest of the 108 temples. It is believed that sage Narada had set out on a lookout for the best water body or Tirtha in the three worlds. After having covered Kailash Mansarovar – home of Lord Shiva and Parkadal – home of Lord Vishnu the sage then reached a water body located inside the forest of Naimisha making this water body an important part of the Hindu mythology as well as its culture and faith.

By availing our cheap, affordable and complete tour packages to Naimisharanya you will be able to experience the vitality and purity of the Almighty. You can select from a number of options and choose the best tour package for Naimisharanya based on your budget and how much you are willing to spend on this spiritual and unique experience. An interesting fact about this place is that it was once visited by the iconic sage, seer, philosopher and the creator of the char dham yatra Adi Shankaracharya which makes this place even more important and vital among the Hindu population.

You can choose from our variety of available packages like Varanasi Allahabad Ayodhya and Naimisharanya tour package to Ayodhya Naimisharanya with Chitrakoot tour package you have the liberty to select any as per your plans and liking. You can also go for a complete sightseeing package for Naimisharanya which will take you on a spiritual journey across this holy town. A memorable and spiritual time filled with admiration for the almighty and deep devotion for the lord is guaranteed. If you are looking for a time filled with spirituality then paying a visit to this place during the new moon day is advisable when you can also take a dip in the holy water.

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