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Sitting majestically amidst the snow-clad mountain peaks of Himalayas which forms its crown and adorned with classic monasteries and awe-inspiring views on every step of the way, Nepal is truly a gift of nature. This beautiful landlocked country is also popular for being the home to 8 of the world’s tallest mountain peaks one of them being Mount Everest. It is an oasis for nature lovers and a treasure trove for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. You will be able to experience the deep-seated vibe of spiritualism and centuries-old culture which still is persistent there.

We present you with a plethora of Nepal tour package options which will take you across some of the most thriving cultural and heritage hotspots of Nepal. You can have a spiritual awakening of your own with a golden triangle Nepal tours package or India Nepal Buddhist tour package. Experience the wide-ranging biodiversity with our India Nepal wildlife travel package. Our other cheaply priced, affordable and the best Nepal tour packages include Buddha trail tour package and India Nepal Buddhist tour package. This place is a glorious blend of old world charm which has managed to co-exist peacefully with the ever-changing world.

From strolling across the teeming market place of darbar square and walking past the numerous trekking shops and cafes of thamel, to spending your time among the natural beauty of Pokhara and getting in touch with your spiritual side at Pashupatinath Mandir. Another relatively hidden and unexplored part of Nepal is its chain of national parks and sanctuaries which is home to some of the most exotic bird species, tigers, rhinos and crocodiles population. Being a landlocked country along with the Himalayas which forms its crown, Nepal is blessed with an impressive collection of tourist places to visit.

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