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Formerly known as Tanjore, this wonderful city is a grand representation of classical south Indian art, architecture and religion. This region was ruled by the great Chola rulers who are said to have been great lovers of art and this is clear through their numerous intricately designed majestic temples. Some of these temples are also listed under the UNESCO world heritage sites due to its sheer magnificence. This warm heartland attracts a number of architecture enthusiasts, religious travelers and people who are keen on learning new cultures. This rich and enigmatic cultural getaway in Tamil Nadu has a number of places of attractions like – Swami Malai Temple; Brihadeeswarar temple, Great living Chola temples and Maratha palace. There are also other incredibly interesting sites to visit apart from temples which are – Serfoji Sarasvati Mahal library and Thanjavur Royal palace and art gallery.

We bring to you some wholesome and interesting tour packages to choose from during your next vacation which include Tamil Nadu temple tour, tour of Ooty Madurai and Rameswaram, Thanjavur and Mararikulam tour and a complete museum tour of south India. The kaleidoscopic representation of this vibrant and colorful culture is evident in its paintings, colour scheme and other creations. On your visit there you will definitely be able to feel the wholesome culture of the bygone eras and rulers. Thanjavur is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination among families and groups of friends due to its unparalleled beauty and the calm environment which it has to offer. If you are looking for a vacation where you can rejuvenate your mind, body and soul while gazing at the surreal architectural wonders, then Thanjavur is definitely the place to be. This popular temple town makes sure that you have the time of your life and take away with you a lifetime worth of memories.

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