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Varanasi Facts

State Uttar Pradesh
Area District 1,535 km2 – City 112.1 km²
Population District 3,676,841 (2011) City 12 lakhs
Languages Hindi, Bhojpuri
Religion Hindus – 84.52%, Muslims – 14.88%
STD Code 0542
Famous for Pilgrimage, Temples, Ghats, Ganga Aarti

Varanasi the place where the spirituality is so strong that it is impossible to escape it and sitting by the holy river of Ganga it is also famous for being one of the oldest living cities in the world. Lying on the banks of the holy river of Ganga this holy destination is undoubtedly a hub for spirituality and devotion. Home to a number of ancient temple of Kashi Vishwanath Jyotirlinga and a range of Ghats this place is visited by spiritual seekers and mystics from all across the globe. From hosting grand Maha Shivratri celebration and being the most sacred destination for Pind Daan rituals. It is said that people who pass away in Varanasi attain Moksha.

We present to you a wide range of Varanasi tour packages and complete and latest information about this holy destination in India. Know about its dynamic historical account, shopping explorations, gorging on delicious cuisines and festival and fairs. Indulge in some fascinating exploration of art, culture and temple activities of Varanasi. What’s better than spending your days being soaked in unparalleled devotion of the lord and being a part of the world famous Ganga Aarti as well.

There is more to Varanasi than temples and devotional activities. The nearby attractions here include visit to some of the most remarkable historical sites, Ashrams and Matts (Muths). The most underrated experience here is the Weavers village which is another must visit activity here. Varanasi is a true package of oasis for travellers, spiritual seekers and people looking to have a religious experience. Flocked throughout the year with devotees, pilgrims and individuals with an inclination for religious duties a visit to this place is much recommended since the things you will get to see and be a part of cannot be done anywhere else in the world.

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