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Being located on a high-altitude elevation of 3,300 metres above sea level Muktinath weather experiences a typical high terrain weather condition. The best time to visit is during the autumn months of September, October and November when the weather is extremely pleasant accompanied with cool breeze and comfortable conditions. This is also the time when you can take up a trekking journey up to the Dham since it will be a very rejuvenating experience. Surprisingly you can even make this trip during the winter months of January and February. Go through this month wise weather guide of Muktinath Dham which will help you in planning this trip in a better manner.

Here is a detailed information about Muktinath to help you plan your trip here better:

Latest (Current) Muktinath Weather Forecast


Muktinath in Monsoon

The months of June, July and August form the monsoon months in Muktinath. Rains and showers are a common characteristics of summer season in Muktinath. Landslides being a common occurrence travelling to these parts is prohibited. If you go to mustang you will be subjected to some unexpected and sudden weather changes.

Muktinath in Spring

Formed by the months of March, April and may form one of the best times for Muktinath Dham Darshan via trekking. The temperature remains moderate during this time and is also considered to be another one of the best seasons for mustang exploration i.e. an easy visit to Muktinath Dham.

Muktinath in Autumn

The months of September, October and November which form the autumn months in Muktinath is another peak time for the pilgrims to make their way to Muktinath Dham. This is the time when the weather is cool, comfortable and pleasant. The rain-washed blue skies offer some of the most magnificent views of the surrounding. You will even be able to check out some snow-capped peaks of the surrounding.

Muktinath in Winter

December, January and February forms the cold and chilling winter at Muktinath. If you are able to bear the cold temperature then during this time you can even go for some high terrain trekking and hiking expeditions. Mostly the regions around the muktinath temple will be covered in snow and doing to the temple by helicopter journey will be the best possible course of action for you.

Best Time to Visit Muktinath Temple

The months of autumn i.e. September, October and November are considered to be the best months to travel to the Dham. Apart from this you can even choose to visit during the spring season when the trekking journeys can be completed easily and without any hassle. The temperatures are also favourable during this time and there are no unexpected weather changes.

Month – Wise Weather Details:

Muktinath in January The temperature is freezing cold during this time of the year and the region is covered entirely in snow. The temperature can fall to as low as below zero.
Muktinath in February This is also the time which is similar to the previous month of January. The entire weather is very chilled and not at all suitable for travelling purposes. This may also be the time when you will get to experience some snow in the region.
Muktinath in March March is a very cold season but not as cold as the previous winter months. The snow starts to melt off but the sludgy ways are still not suitable for travel.
Muktinath in April April is the month when the mornings and nights are cold but the day time is not that cold and in fact quiet comfortable for travel.
Muktinath in May This month marks the onset of the summer season. It is also the time when the days are comfortable and moderately cool with the maximum average temperature reaching up to 14 degree Celsius.
Muktinath in June This is probably one of the most suitable time to go on Muktinath Dham Darshan. The temperature is comfortable and perfect for outdoor activities in mustang valley like cycling, trekking, going for Muktinath Darshan etc. but you must carry some woollens with you for night.
Muktinath in July This is the peak time for tourism of Muktinath Dham. The weather is very pleasant and may be accompanied with sudden rain showers. If you get the opportunity to travel during the sunny days then it would be the best thing for you.
Muktinath in August With average maximum temperature reaching up to as high as 20 degree Celsius this is not a good time to travel since the rainy weather and sudden changes in wind patterns may cause a hinderance in your travel plans or worse you may even have to cancel your visit of Muktinath.
Muktinath in September The temperature experiences a drop during this time of the year due to the post monsoon weather conditions. The air will be chilly but if you cover yourself well and carry along some good quality woollen clothing then this will be a good time to take the journey. Pilgrim counts are not a lot.
Muktinath in October The weather is cold during this month and the air is very chilly especially after sunset and early in the morning. The temperatures can go as low as 5 degree Celsius.
Muktinath in November The temperature continues to drop dramatically during this month as well and can go to as low as 4 degree Celsius. at night the weather can go to as down as 1 degree Celsius as well. This is the peak winter season when the region may also experience some snowfall.
Muktinath in December The weather is very cold during this time and travel is also possible to Muktinath via helicopter journey. The weather and the temperature however is very cold with it dipping below zero at some points. So bundle up on heavy woollen clothing before going to the Dham.

This month wise weather guide of Muktinath Dham will allow you to plan your trip in a surer and better manner. Travel safely to the doors of lord Muktinath with this detailed guide.

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