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Muktinath TempleMuktinath Dham is a highly sacred Dham or pilgrimage destination for pilgrims of both the Hindu and Buddhist religious communities. This place is often referred to as ‘Mukti Kshetra’ or the ‘Place of Moksha’. The temple of Muktinath is an abode of Lord Vishnu as per Hindu beliefs and according to Buddhists, it is an abode of Lord Buddha. If you are planning to make a Yatra to Muktinath Dham, you should have a prior idea about the month-wise weather & temperature of Muktinath. That will help you plan your journey in a hassle-free way.

The temple is situated in Nepal’s Muktinath valley that comes within the Mustang Bhote area. The climate of the place resembles that of Tibetan plateau. During the summers; i.e. between months March and August, the maximum temperatures are around 24-degree centigrade while minimum around 16-degree centigrade. During the pre-winters or autumn; i.e. between months September and November, maximum temperatures are around 16-18 degree centigrade while minimum temperatures can range between 0 and 4-degree centigrade. During the winters; i.e. between months December and February, the maximum temperatures are around 10-degree centigrade while minimum temperatures are around 0-6 degree centigrade.

The best time to visit Muktinath Dham is between months March and May and also around September and October. The time between June and September, the area receives Monsoons and that makes it difficult to travel and makes the journey risky enough. Autumn and spring; i.e. around the month of November and again around February you could consider making a journey to Muktinath though it’ll be cold. But still, the journey can be undertaken during that time as the cold is bearable. The winters; i.e. months December and January are severely cold. Heavy snowfall and fierceness of cold weather makes journey unsuitable during that time. Now I would like to tell you month-wise weather & temperature of Muktinath.

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