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Options for Planning A Luxury Honeymoon

The honeymoon is a particularly momentous time in which the newly married couple begins their life together. It is their first adventure as a married couple. The time should be magical and full of adventure. Traditionally the groom was the one to plan the honeymoon trip. Today the couple chooses the destination and plans the trip together. There is a lot to think about, but if the couple pays attention to the details, they can plan the luxury honeymoon they dream of.

Luxury Honeymoon

Start the process by setting a budget. Stick with what money the couple has saved for the event. It is a terrible idea to borrow money for the honeymoon. Starting a marriage off in debt is not the way to go. Have the wedding around a date that allows the couple to save up. Then they are ready to pay for both without borrowing money for either. Break down the honeymoon budget into categories. Travel, hotel, excursions, dining, and everything else categories are essential. Agree to stick within this budget. Any money received for wedding gifts is better saved and used when the couple returns home. If possible, try to go to one of the luxury honeymoon destinations. This is a once in a lifetime trip that the couple will reflect on their whole lives.

Once the destination is set, the fun of planning the actual honeymoon can begin. There are many options available to help travelers design a package that reflects their taste. Online sites such as Priceline, Travelocity, and Expedia allow the user to customize a complete package and pay for it online. This process seems to appeal to a large number of travelers. In addition to picking airlines and flight times, the users can pick hotels and add excursions to create luxury honeymoon packages that are all-inclusive. The user has complete control over the individual pieces of the package.

All-inclusive luxury honeymoon vacations are becoming immensely popular options. The couples like the ability to have everything arranged and paid for up front. There are no surprises or unexpected expenses. Every option from flights to food is ready and waiting for the honeymooners to arrive. The couple can contact the all-inclusive resorts directly to make reservations if they prefer. There are many leading vendors that specialize in the all-inclusive resort vacation. Sandals, Hilton Club, and Wyndham are just a few of the big players. Stick with those companies that specialize in all-inclusive vacationing arrangements. They have fewer problems and can offer substantial savings. Clarify exactly what services they cover with the purchase.

A travel agent can be an enormous help if the couple is unaccustomed to planning a vacation. They have access to exceptional pricing at the luxury honeymoon resorts. They can obtain their clients distinctive amenities such as champagne and strawberries on arrival. They are experts at coordinating flights and transportation. The couple will know that nothing is left to chance. The travel agents make their money by purchasing from the vendors at a discounted rate and the marking up the product as they sale it to the buyers. Even with the addition of a mark-up, they can still offer client’s significant savings over rack rates. They will also help the young couple be prepared by letting them know about significant requirements. Things such as passports, duty free zones and other pertinent information are passed along to the couple so that they can be prepared.

Regardless of which method the couple uses to make their travel options they should be actively involved in choosing each aspect of the trip. Look at the various luxury honeymoon hotels available at the destination of choice. Compare room rates carefully. There are many times that it only cost twenty to fifty dollars to upgrade to a room that is larger or has a view. Check with the hotel regarding honeymoon package options. Many times, they have package deals that include special amenities for the newly married couple. Luxury hotels also often offer hotel sponsored activities such as boating outings, cook outs, shopping and sightseeing trips. It can be much less expensive to arrange these activities through the hotel than outside vendors. Most hotels will also offer airport transportation either free or for a small fee.

Starting off the new couple’s life with a luxury honeymoon is essential. They get to enjoy a relaxing vacation that will wash away the stress of planning and hosting the wedding. When the couple return home it will be back to work and the day to day things that life throws at them. A fun and relaxing, luxurious honeymoon will prepare the couple to face that stress. It also provides them to time to focus on each other before the rest of the world intrudes again. Enjoying the vacation of a lifetime is best enjoyed with the partner of a lifetime. Therefore, do no miss out and start planning that luxury honeymoon today.

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