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Currently re named as Prayagraj and formerly known as Illahabd this city in Uttar Pradesh is steeped in various historical events, cultural vibrancy and a sense of deep devotion. There are numerous tourist attractions here which are unique in their own way. It has been visited by travellers form all over the world ever since the past ages and it still holds a special space in the hearts of every Indian due to its religious and holy significance. The Ganga River which makes its way through the city is worshipped on the Ghats here everyday which is witnessed by a throng of tourists. From the famous Triveni Sangam and Allahabad for to the temples dedicated to Alopi Devi, Lord Shiva, lord Vishnu etc. and even remarkable works of architectural masterpieces. Apart from this there are several other places with equally important historical events related to them.

If you are looking to explore this sacred place then we present you with a number of things that you should know before visiting. Browse through our page consisting of various festivals in Allahabad, temples, historical background, must visit tourist places etc. whenever you are in Allahabad you will never get bored since there is always so much to do. Being a unique tourist destination, you will be required to know a few important things prior to your visit in order to keep yourself safe and well knowledgeable. The entire region is dotted with interesting places to eat, fun and exciting tourist attractions and so much more. The outskirts of the city is also dotted with interesting and holy destinations which allows you to have a wholesome vacation with your family. If you are confused about where to go then visiting Allahabad will be a good idea since it represents the perfect blend of peace, serenity and spirituality.

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